The Weekly #1

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Welcome to The Weekly, my update on what I have been working on this week.

This is the first week! My goal of this blog is mostly to keep me accountable. I will post updates on different projects I have been working on throughout the week while occasionally going more in-depth on particular topics.

This week most of my dev time was spent getting back into LeetCode. I have been working through the 30 Day Challenge they have going on. It is also a great way to brush up on some basics.

Outside of development, there were two new posts published this week.

asteroidsjs logo
AsteroidsJS is an Asteroids clone written in JavaScript and utilizing Canvas API.
Impossible Featured Image
The Impossible List is “an ever-evolving list of experiences that build upon each other, help others as well as yourself, and implore you to take action.”

That’s it for this week, but I hope to continue to build on this series.

As a bonus, today is Easter. My wife and I decided to go out and take some photos.

Thanks for reading!

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