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I have a bit of a problem.

I have a lot of interests. Development, Gaming, YouTube, Sports, Design… the list goes on. The problem is that I tend to get analysis paralysis, ‘What should I be doing now?’ There are many ways to combat this, and often times it involves a list. The Impossible List is one of those lists.

I found The Impossible List during college and always wanted to start one. Like a bucket list, The Impossible List contains a broad list of things I would like to accomplish. The idea is that this list will go beyond the regular bucket list. A few examples:

  • Having this list on my website holds me accountable
  • This long-term list drives short-term goals
  • Crossing something off of this list drives momentum.

But honestly, I just think it is really cool.

Sources that inspired this list: College Info Geek and ImpossibleHQ

Quick 5

The quick 5 are just 5 items that are on my mind, like recent accomplishments, things I am really proud of, etc.

  • Complete development of AsteroidsJS (v1.0: Feb 2020)
  • Develop a game in Unity
  • Develop a game in an hour
    • 2 hours
    • 1 day


  • Complete development of AsteroidsJS (v1.0: Feb 2020)
  • Develop a game in an hour
    • 2 hours
    • 1 day
  • Develop a Doom clone (in progress DoomJS)
  • Develop a game like Minecraft
  • Develop a game in Unity
  • Develop a game utilizing asymmetric gameplay
  • Start an open-source project that people use
  • Develop a personal website from scratch
  • Develop a company website from scratch
  • Develop a VR web browser


  • Create a Dev blog
  • Livestream gameplay consistently for a month
  • Livestream some type of IRL content (Design, Dev, etc.)
  • Release gameplay videos consistently for a month
  • Start Steam Clean series
  • Start Games I Missed series
  • Create a video that utilizes drone footage
  • Start Amateur Hour series
  • Shoot a VT sporting event
    • Shoot a VT Basketball game
    • Shoot a VT Football game
  • Start a podcast
  • Have a channel with 100 followers
    • 1000
    • 10000
  • Write 100 words a day for 30 days
  • Complete the 50-day logo challenge


  • Sell a game on Steam
  • Buy another company’s assets and monetize them
  • Get a job as a developer
    • Get a job as a web developer
    • Get a job as a game developer
    • Get a remote job
  • Be my own boss
  • Win a contracted project
    • Complete a contracted project
  • Have someone reach out to me on my website for a project
    • Complete project
  • Get AWS Certified
    • Cloud Practitioner
    • Developer
  • Make $1000 outside of day job
    • Make $1000 in a month


  • Pay off Debt
    • Pay off CC Debt
    • Pay off Student Loans
  • Own a Home/Townhome
  • Live outside of VA
  • Travel
    • West Coast
    • Rocky Mountains
    • Japan
    • Europe
    • Visit every state
  • Hiking
    • Section hike the entire AT
    • Backpack the AT Triple Crown
    • See the Cascades frozen
  • Reading
    • Read the entire Bible
      • In a single year
    • Read 5 books in a year
      • 12 books in a year
  • Fitness
    • Complete the Navy Seals fitness test
      • Finish with a competitive score
    • Bench my body weight
    • Run a 10k in under 60 mins
    • Run a Half Marathon
    • Run a Marathon
    • Achieve a reasonable 40 time
    • Dunk a basketball
    • Do a morning workout 30 days in a row
  • Complete the Whole 30 (Jan 2020)
  • Build a Gaming PC
    • Build a small factor PC for living room gaming
  • Play every game in my Steam library
  • Learn another language (Join me on Duolingo)
    • Fluent in Spanish
    • Fluent in Japanese
    • Hebrew
    • Greek
  • Give $10000 away in a year
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