My name is Dakota Talley. Thanks for visiting my site!

I am a GIS Analyst who graduated from Virginia Tech in 2016. I love Maps, Development, and Video Games.

This website host a collection of projects I have worked on that span quite a few different disciplines. Please click the links at the top of the page to learn more.



I have been interested in software development since I was very little. My dad would fix friends computers, and I was always amazed while watching him work through the command line and OS to solve issues. I was also very interested in the desktop that he built and with his help built one for my tenth birthday. I mostly used this new computer to play games and surf the web but I always knew that I would end up doing something with computers one day.

As I moved through high school, I despirately wanted to learn more about code. A few highlights included meeting a friend who managed a forum (One who would eventually room with me in college), attempting to start an online community for playing Halo, and nearly getting in trouble in high school for learning about batch files.

Eventually, I ended up graduating from Virginia Tech with a degree in Geography. I never gave up on learning about development though and have continued to work towards building my skills for the future. Below are a few examples of the projects I have worked on.

Perfect Note

Spring 2019

This project was started with the College Info Geek community after a podcast in which the host complains that note taking apps don't seem to work quite like he would like. After meeting on the community discord, some individuals decided to start working on a new note taking app.

Perfect Note is an open source project. I am on the backend team and hope we will have more to show soon.


Summer 2018

This project was completed as part of an online Web Development Bootcamp (Link)

This is a Yelp inspired application for campsites. It was created using Node, Express, and MongoDB. The session managment is handled by Passport.


I really started getting interested in Cartography during my time at Virginia Tech. I liked the idea of combining technical and anylitical skills with a touch of creativity to present information. Since then I have grown to really appreciate a good map.

Maps are so versitile. A map can do so many things. One map may help you decide where to put your next business based on demographics and prices. Another may tell a story about the effects of a storm on an ecosystem. Maps can also be used to tell you how to get to your destination or just look really awesome on your wall.

Here are a few of the maps that I have been able to work on.

Buffalo Mountain Park

Summer 2018

This trifold map was completed with a fiend of mine. Buffalo Mountain Park in Johnson City, TN has an outdated map at the trailhead. We decided to create a map for people that wanted to hike around the park and not get lost.

We worked with local authorities that managed to park to ensure its accuracy. The back includes photos and information about the park.

Meet the Mountains Festival

Summer 2018

This map was completed for the Meet the Mountains festival in Johnson City, TN with a friend of mine. While planning the Buffalo Mountain map we spoke with festival organizers about their need. This map was completed in about a month in a half based on client needs. I think there is a lot that can be improved on with this map and would love to work with the festival again in the future.

I make videos!

I started really getting into gaming videos in high school. I enjoyed playing video games competitively and notices a lot of professional gamers made videos online. In my freshman year of college I also discovered Let's Play videos and enjoyed the idea of a community of gamers sort of sitting on a coach and watching someone play a video game.

As years have past, I would like to think my taste in videos have improved. I have grown to appreciate high production quality in the videos I watch, and enjoy the on-screen talent. Although I don't find myself having as much skill in the improve comedy area, I still enjoy the excuse to record videos with my friends to enjoy together at later dates

Below is my latest video. Feel free to visit my channel to view more.

I would like to write about my interest!

Come back soon to see what I am up to.

Professional list of things I have done.

Impossible List

I discovered the Impossible List format through College Info Geek. The premise is similar to a bucket list in that you list things you would like to do. The idea is built from there around attainable goals that can build upon themselves. The list is also meant to be a record of accomplishments that helps to hold you accountable.